What Our Users Say

Andrew Patterson, Reporter

Andrew PattersonI’m a complete convert to TranscribeMe! As a writer, transcription is the least attractive part of my job. Previously, I had to spend hours transcribing interviews but now I just upload the files to the TranscribeMe website and back come the transcripts, usually within 24-48 hours. It’s a brilliant service. Fast, efficient and accurate and the time saving for me is enormous. TranscribeMe has hugely increased my productivity as a result.

Jane Fletcher, Professional Services Photographer

Jane FletcherI was thrilled, not only with the speedy service, but with the accuracy. You guys are awesome, thanks for this service, you are a lifesaver!

Mark Evans, Conference Organizer

Mark EvansAs a conference and event organizer, I would recommend TranscribeMe as an ideal transcription partner. Their combination of speed, accuracy and price makes for an unbeatable service. Our attendees loved TranscribeMe’s transcription of SocialLoco sessions, and we were thrilled to find a way to share, analyze and monetize the unique content of our event, immediately, and with on-going benefits.

Shane Melaugh, Internet Marketer

Shane MelaughI was very impressed with the fast turnaround time I got with TranscribeMe. More importantly, the quality of the transciption was spot on. Previously, I had to spend quite a lot of time “cleaning up” audio transcriptions, because unscripted speech often doesn’t make for very good written content. TranscribeMe were very good about cleaning up the hums and haws and converting the audio recording into a transcript that reads well, while still being a true transcript of the original.

Nathan Gold, The DEMO Coach

Nathan GoldThank you for such a needed and wonderful service. I have been using speech to text services for years, but they have always been hard to get good quality and fast response. With TranscribeMe, I was able to get a response faster than I could have imagined and the accuracy was over the top amazing! I recommend this service to everyone who needs to get transcription services done fast and with superb quality. They are really nice people at the company too. My dealings with their support team were outstanding.

Shihan Fang, Editor, Asia360 News

Shihan FangTranscribing is the bane of my existence. No I’m not joking — wacky accents, inarticulate speakers and discussions that go on and on without actually making a point — I spend way too much time transcribing interviews when I should be writing reports instead. With Transcribeme, I can now write in peace and leave the dirty work to someone else.

Xiaoxuan Wang, Speech Researcher, National University of Singapore

Xiaoxuan WangAs a speech researcher, I have to say TranscribeMe is the most accurate platform in the world, to get excellent transcription for speech, in diverse environment by various speakers.

Glenn Lim, DEMO Asia

Glenn LimVery impressed at the transcriptions that just came through. TranscribeMe delivered what you said on stage at DEMO what it would do.