$0.79 per Audio Minute
First Draft Transcripts

Budget-friendly, best-in-class transcription for projects with flexible requirements.

  • Starting at $0.79 per minute or lower

    Lowest Prices Anywhere

    Our First Draft service allows for fast and affordable transcripts of any volume, at just $0.79 per audio minute. Request a free quote today and we will price out your next project at the lowest possible rate! We’re here to help you succeed with your low-cost transcription needs with a new service that allows us to deliver your project in record time at the most affordable rate.


    Super Fast Delivery

    With an innovative, secure micro-tasked process to complete each project, hundreds of crowd workers collaborate on each First Draft transcript, allowing us to offer the fastest human-verified transcription in the world. By separating audio into small, easy-to-manage pieces, our transcriptionists can complete your full project much quicker than our Standard transcription service.

  • Unrivaled accuracy with a human touch

    Expert Human Transcription

    Our transcriptionists are skilled at picking up subtleties like accents, regional speech patterns and unusual words. With our award-winning platform combining a crowd workforce of over 300,000 transcriptionists, our average accuracy is 95-97%, ideal for projects that don’t need to be perfected upon delivery.

Our First Draft Service is Great for...


Never miss a moment by capturing and transcribing key class lectures, cut down on study time, and record any thought or idea on-the-go with our smartphone app.


Get lightning fast, accurate transcripts of important meetings, interviews, presentations, conferences and just about everything in between.


Save valuable time and money by recording and transcribing focus groups and critical research at anytime. Plus, Nvivo integration for analyzing data.

Details About Our First Draft Service

Terms of Service

Quality is partial and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate (up to 95%).  For more information, please read our First Draft Transcription FAQs.






Click the image on the right to see an example PDF of a delivered First Draft product. Quality may vary depending upon project.