Customized Speech Recognition & Analytics Solutions for Enterprise and Contact Centers

Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) and voice data mining technology solutions that deliver valuable insights about your customers and business.

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About Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR)

Speech recognition technologies ensure the most complete and accurate view of your customer engagements.

  • Highest accuracy automated speech to text solutions for specific enterprise use cases.
  • Identify key customer demographics, including age, gender and accents.
  • Quickly identify topics and mitigate risk with real-time keyword spotting.
  • Easily integrate text and metadata with any analytics software tools and WFO platforms.
  • Hybrid automated speech to text and human transcription provides flexible enterprise solutions.
  • Best-in-class voice biometrics to authenticate callers for fraud detection.
Clearly listen to your customer's voice

Highest Accuracy Speech Recognition

The Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) uses state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies and expertise to provide enterprise with the highest accuracy automated transcriptions available on the market today.

By customizing the ESR platform to each client’s use case, we are able to improve overall speech to text accuracy by as much as 10% to 20%, when compared to the industry’s best, non-customized speech recognition services.

Capture valuable customer information

Voice data mining & analytics

Data mining performed by our ESR platform is capable of identifying and capturing a growing list of classifiers within each recording. These include gender, age estimation, language, accents, topic, sentiment, emotion, call/conversation dynamics and more.

All of these metadata classifiers can be easily integrated into any analytics software platform or 3rd party service, and can significantly enhance the view of your customer engagements.

Keyword spotting

Topic detection & risk mitigation

ESR phonetics-based keyword spotting is designed to accurately identify and analyze words or phrases instantaneously, and provide Hot Alerts automatically to management personnel or enterprise systems for resolution.

Typical keyword or key-phrase spotting use cases include topic detection, risk mitigation, fraud detection, agent training and monitoring, and customer satisfaction.

Performance monitoring for contact centers

Agent scoring

Sales and support agents are often the first (and only) people to communicate directly with your customers, making these interactions vital to your company’s success. Agents have varying skill sets and levels of training; as such, it’s important to provide them with ongoing training and development, reinforced by call analytics.

Training managers in most companies will typically only provide feedback based on a small fraction of agent calls. Through ESR, companies can quickly monitor and analyze 100% of calls, as well as identify which calls or agents require a manager’s review or action.

Filter and Optimize Your Voice Data for Analytics


Not all customer calls hold valuable information, and not all transcripts are accurate enough to analyze effectively; processing incorrect data results can adversely impact the analytics you receive. By collecting and running good data, your company saves valuable time and money.

ESR is the only solution today that allows your business to easily pre-define the voice data selection criteria, and then filter the recordings for analytics that best fits the final objective. Definable filters include: transcript accuracy, topics, caller demographics, sentiment and emotion. Ask us for a free test run with your data!

Automated speech recognition & human transcription

Hybrid transcription

TranscribeMe is the only company of its kind to deliver highly accurate, automated speech to text and human transcription in a combined workflow.

The Hot Alerts workflow can also work with this hybrid solution to determine which audio is of the highest importance, automatically routing it to expert human transcriptionists. This ensures that the highest accuracy transcripts of your audio are produced, every time.

Who is really calling? Identify & detect fraud

Voice Biometrics

We offer industry-leading voice biometrics solutions which provide Enterprise with a number of flexible authentication and fraud mitigation options.

Voice biometrics solutions are available for both active and passive voice-print capture, and is suitable for client account authentication, passive caller validation, and other fraud detection use cases. This technology is currently used by financial institutions and government agencies around the world.

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