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Make your podcasts work for you.

Improve your Search Engine Rankings.

Google can’t read audio files alone. So, by converting your podcast to text, your search engine rankings increase; therefore increasing your subscriber base.

Monetize Your Podcasts. Upsell Your Subscribers.

Podcasts can be free, but increased traffic means increased subscriptions or ad revenue. Many leading podcasters are using transcription to boost their income, and spend more time doing what they love.

Combine Your Transcripts: Sell them as eBooks.

eBooks command high perceived value. Combine your podcast transcripts and increase your Return-On-Investment.

Podcast Transcription

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Transcribing Your Podcasts -- A powerful way to promote your podcast

  • Podcasting is one of the best ways to create quality content, quickly. When you start out, it's hard to get noticed. By transcribing your podcast and publishing it on your website, you can boost your search rankings and thus increase your web traffic - leading to more listeners.
  • Podcasts are usually 30-40 minutes long, which is ideal for a car ride into the office, but not ideal for sharing and searching. Converting your podcasts into text gives listeners the ability to quickly search for keywords that interest them and find your website or a specific podcast to share.
  • We live in a global world, with many types of listeners. You are more likely to have listeners from multiple countries than ever before. By transcribing your podcast, you will broaden your audience and reach people who might be hearing impaired or even users who might not understand your language or accent.
  • For some, podcasting is a hobby. But for others, your ideas are your business, and you need an easy way to connect directly with your listeners. It’s becoming increasingly important to develop innovative ways to monetize your ideas, without charging your listeners. By transcribing your podcasts, you can increase search traffic, which in turn increases your advertising revenue. Transcription also allows you to diversify your revenue streams by converting your podcast into an eBook – an increasingly popular source of information for consumers around the world.
Andrew Patterson, Reporter
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I’m a complete convert to TranscribeMe! It’s a brilliant service. Fast, efficient and accurate and the time saving for me is enormous. TranscribeMe has hugely increased my productivity as a result.
Nathan Gold, The DEMO Coach
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Thank you for such a needed and wonderful service. I recommend this service to everyone who needs to get transcription services done fast and with superb quality. My dealings with their support team were outstanding.