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Record and transcribe interviews & focus groups with 98-100% accuracy - while you’re on-the-go.

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Edit and share original transcriptions with your clients, giving them a "first hand experience" of the event.

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No more confusion about pricing and no hidden fees. Transcribe your interviews & focus groups for $2 per minute with discounts for high volume projects.

*Please contact us for a delivery estimate if you plan on uploading more than 3 hours of audio by email or at (+1) 415-800-3317
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Smartphone Apps

  • Use your smartphone to record high quality audio during interviews and focus groups.
  • Once recording is finished, order your transcription right from your phone.
  • Transcripts are delivered to your email in word format.
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How TranscribeMe's Market Research Transcription Service is Different

  • Understanding the nuances of user experience is critical for successful product development. Researchers conduct many in-depth customer interviews and focus groups to understand customer preferences and usage patterns. The problem lies in turning this data into actionable insights.
  • TranscribeMe’s market research transcription service offering is unique, as it combines high accuracy, fast turnaround time, speaker identification and competitive pricing – 4 characteristics critical to project success.
  • Confidentiality of client data is often key in market research settings. TranscribeMe’s innovative speech processing technology splits audio files into micro-segments. Simply put, we slice the audio into 10 to 15 second micro-chunks, and use a large number of crowd-sourced transcribers to complete these small sections of work at once. This has multiple benefits:
    • Best-in-Class confidentiality. Our Quality Assurance personnel go through a rigorous training and vetting process, and naturally have Non Disclosure Agreements. The confidentiality of your files is secure throughout the entire process.
    • Fast turnaround time due to simultaneous audio-segment processing
    • Around the clock availability with people working in all time zones
Bart Langton, Research Director, IPSOS 
Photo of Bart Langton, Ipsos
Used for group and interview transcripts, and the quality has been great. Turnaround speed is fast and the process to upload files very simple. Very responsive.
Nathan Gold, The DEMO Coach
Photo of Nathan Gold
Thank you for such a needed and wonderful service. I recommend this service to everyone who needs to get transcription services done fast and with superb quality. My dealings with their support team were outstanding.

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