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We enrich your audio content by converting it to highly accurate text.

Affordable Affordable: Our transcription is the most cost-effective option to meet your needs, with both basic services and premium-level features. Special discounts are also available for large volume projects, and we support multiple transcription output style guides, output formats and project requirements.
High Quality High Quality: We use a proprietary multi-step review process that ensures the highest level of accuracy and quality in all transcriptions we deliver. Our guarantee is a minimum of 98% quality in all the work we do, and we will re-do or refund any work that doesn’t meet your quality expectations.
Secure Secure Transcription: TranscribeMe’s unique micro-tasking process segments each part of your audio into small sections. As a result, each transcriber only has access to a small portion of your content in an encrypted and confidential environment. Our HIPAA-compliant service is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which securely stores your information and offers best-in-class security.


  • Compatible with NVivo

    You can order transcripts directly from NVivo (NVivo 10 SP5 required) or upload finished transcripts directly from our Customer Portal into both Mac and Windows versions of NVivo to begin your analysis right away.

  • Analyze interviews more quickly

    Start transcribing your research interviews as soon as you get back to your lab. Analyze qualitative data with our many transcript formats and start publishing your results faster than ever.

  • Expand your reach with elearning

    Online classes allow you to teach students from all over the world. Expand your reach by providing an accurate transcript of your class sessions, which in turn opens your classes to hard of hearing and deaf students, as well as improves your SEO rankings.

  • Write your dissertation faster

    Your mind works much faster than you can type and ideas may pop up at the most inconvenient times. Instead of risking the loss of this precious data, record your thoughts and have them transcribed to make your thesis writing that much more efficient!

  • Students retain lecture content better with transcription

    Do yourself and your students a favor by recording your lectures and getting them transcribed. Without the pressure of taking notes, you’ll acquire a livelier and more interactive class, as well as give your students everything they need to succeed in your course. Moreover, epiphanies sparked in class discussions can be easily recorded and searched in the future to help you in your academic research and future publishing.

How TranscribeMe’s Academic Transcription Service is Different

  • Traditional teaching methods, like lecturing students from a single place and time, have changed as technology has changed the ways we interact with one another. Now, a classroom can be anywhere from an auditorium, to a computer screen with online learning and Skype classes. A professor can teach from behind a podium or his own desk at home.
  • Make the most of your teaching and improve content retention by giving your students a transcript of your daily lessons or their online video classes. By doing so, students can easily look back on course materials and increase their participation in class without worrying about capturing every minute of the lecture on their notes. Moreover, having a course transcript can help you prepare future course materials without having to decipher your notes, as well as increase your audience by including students who are hard of hearing. In fact, when using our own .srt file format, you can even implement closed captions on elearning videos.
  • For those professors that conduct various interviews for their research or are interested in publishing, our nVivo format perfectly pairs with your data analysis software and audio transcription can help you process and sift through your thoughts, making the publishing process much faster.

Marcus Plyhr, Researcher, California

I use TranscribeMe to capture lecture content. Their App is user friendly and extremely accurate, allowing for quick access when a lively discussion arises. I get a perfect transcription of each person, including international students that have various accents. I recommend TranscribeMe to all students and professors!

Dr. David Teece, Professor, UC Berkeley

I recommend TranscribeMe for academic and business professionals. It is a fantastic service – quick and highly accurate. Having access has dramatically helped me become more efficient in collecting and sharing my ideas and work in my academic, professional and business life.


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