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Conference Transcription:
Capture & Monetize Your Content

Deliver content to your audience and the press - fast.

With high quality transcripts, creating content for journalists and your attendees is simple and quick.

Increase attendees, sponsorship, and traffic

Keyword-rich transcripts can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO), increasing web traffic between events and producing tangible results in customer conversion.

Make attendees happier

Allow attendees to take an active part in the conference by providing them with transcripts of the conference proceedings, instead of spending their time scribbling notes.

A Plug-and-Play option

Hosting a conference is a complex process. We make things easier by working directly with your audiovisual provider to give you the opportunity to focus on other parts of your event.

"TranscribeMe is an ideal transcription partner. Their combination of speed, accuracy and price is unbeatable. We were thrilled to find a way to share, analyze and monetize event content immediately."
~ Mark Evans, SocialLoco Conference Organizer

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What are the benefits of Transcribing your Conference?

  • Conferences are a great platform to share knowledge and inspire ideas. Leaders share their stories and inspire attendees to do great things. Start capturing these moments by having your conferences transcribed, word-for-word.
  • Having your events video recorded is great. However, video recordings present a few challenges:
    • Unlike text, you cannot search within your videos
    • Professionals don’t have time to revisit the whole conference. They are more likely to revisit a part of it and would like the ability to get pertinent information, quickly
    • Video files are big – making them hard to share
    • Search engines, including Google, cannot index videos – hence, videos don’t help in getting you more website traffic between events. Alternatively, search engines love great content available in text format, and award websites with fresh content with higher rankings.
  • Having your conferences transcribed makes it easy for you to deliver content to the press – fast, including those amazing impromptu quotes from leading speakers!
  • How can you engage your community between events? Keyword rich transcripts ensure that you have lots of updated content for your blog and receive high search rankings for a range of keywords.
  • Attendees love transcripts as they allow them to take an active part in the event rather than spending their time scribbling notes.
Mark Evans, SocialLoco Conference Organizer
Photo of Shane Melaugh, Internet Marketer
TranscribeMe is an ideal transcription partner. Their combination of speed, accuracy and price is unbeatable. We were thrilled to find a way to share, analyze and monetize event content immediately.
Glenn Lim, DEMO Asia Conference Organizer
Photo of Nathan Gold
Very impressed at the transcriptions that just came through. TranscribeMe delivered what you said on stage at DEMO what it would do.