Case Studies

Quality transcription services for market research enterprises

  • February 6, 2015 6:08 am

Client Industry Focus: Market Research Ipsos is a global market research company with worldwide headquarters in Paris, France. Founded in 1975 and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, it is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organization providing research services to clients from FMCG brands, to multinational banks, to national governments. With offices in 84 countries, it is the world’s 3rd largest market research agency. The Challenge In a recent project, one of Australia’s major banks approached the Ipsos New Zealand qualitative research team to conduct 12 in-depth interviews and 6 focus groups in Australia to help refine the launch of a more…

Business Professional uses TranscribeMe iPhone App to Save Time and Increase Revenue

  • 6:01 am

Client Focus: Business Professionals KATABOLT is a global business that takes New Zealand exporters into markets offshore. They provide strategic market validation services combined with help in developing effective channel to markets to win beachhead customers (those customers willing to try a new product or service) in the challenging and dynamic economies of US, Europe and Asia, through extensive global networks of international business owners. Christopher Boys – KATABOLT CEO, is a busy business professional. He attends at least 3-4 meetings in an average day. One of his biggest and most time-consuming challenges is following up after meetings with action more…

Quality Transcription Services for Researchers

  • January 27, 2015 11:42 am

Client Industry Focus: Qualitative Researchers and Academics Alexandra Lee is a PhD researcher at the University of Auckland and UC Berkeley, focusing on the role of architects in disaster recovery. She conducts field interviews with industry expert and community stakeholders in areas affected by earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, including Haiti, New Orleans and Christchurch. Like many qualitative researchers, Alexandra records all her interviews on an iPhone and later uses them in her analysis. The Challenge The large amount of time required to transcribe interviews by hand prevented Alexandra from progressing her research and analyzing results. However the cost more…

Conferences Maximize Content Value with Transcription Services

  • October 20, 2014 1:54 am

See how SociaLoco increased attendee engagement by partnering with TranscribeMe for their social technology conference in San Francisco. more...

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