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TranscribeMe Android App Walkthrough

We are very excited to announce a redesign of our Android App! The new Android app has been overhauled to improve ease-of-use and to be more comprehensive, allowing you to complete the entire ordering process in-app. The new version of the TranscribeMe Android app is available in the Google Play store. This blog post will walk you [...]

TranscribeMe + NVivo Walkthrough

Do you analyze research interviews using NVivo? If so, NVivo provides dynamic tools that allow you to quickly reference specific segments of your media files from text transcripts. Now that TranscribeMe and NVivo have teamed-up, ordering these transcripts is easier than ever before! Transcripts can be ordered directly through your NVivo project and will be [...]

TranscribeMe Windows Phone App Walkthrough

We are now extending our mobile platform support to Windows Phone users! TranscribeMe! is proud to announce the launch of our new Windows Phone 8 app, to compliment our existing beautiful and reliable iPhone and Android Apps, along with a new and easy-to-use Customer Portal v2.0. The TranscribeMe Windows Phone App is available in the global Windows phone store. This [...]

Livescribe PDF support – iPhone TranscribeMe app

Do you have Livescribe PDF files you would like transcribed? With the new version of our TranscribeMe iPhone app you can convert your PDFs from voice to text in a few easy steps using your cell phone. Step 1: Begin by emailing your Livescribe PDF file to yourself. Step 2: Open the email with your [...]

TranscribeMe Client Portal Walkthrough

As well as mobile phone apps on iPhone and Android, TranscribeMe provides a beautiful, easy to use client Portal website where you can upload your content and request transcripts. The Portal supports file upload from your computer, your Dropbox and online media sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This article will walk you through the main [...]

TranscribeMe: Creating jobs for unlikely candidates

We’ve talked about the many great work opportunities within TranscribeMe’s crowd for people in the USA – about 40% of our 8,000-strong crowd lives in North America. But our platform is also unique in the sense that it offers a work environment that allows people who have stopped searching for jobs to participate in the [...]

How is TranscribeMe Different From Other Freelance Job Sites?

On a prior blog post, we talked about how TranscribeMe represents a work platform for the future and in describing our vision, we often get asked how we differ from websites such as oDesk. Although at first glance, our mission and layout appears to be the same, we actually differ in many ways. Firstly, oDesk [...]

Different Career Opportunities For TranscribeMe Crowd-Members

We’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of working with TranscribeMe, and why our work platform represents the future. Although we discussed the diversity of our crowd members, in a previous blog post, today we’d like to focus on the types of work opportunities different members of our crowd might have. Our work is [...]

Digitl NZ Highlights Livescribe + TranscribeMe Innovative Partnership

Bill Bennett with Digitl NZ Recently spoke with Alexei and I about the new TranscribeMe Livescribe partnership. We’re excited that the partnership is getting this good press, and even more excited by the scope of our joint offering. By combining our company offerings, we’re enabling a large set of audio to become exponentially more useful [...]

How to compress audio files

The TranscribeMe customer portal accepts various types of audio files, but can sometimes have a hard time uploading files if they are excessively large. A large file would be somewhere closer to the 320 but maximum. When you compress a file, it would probably be 128 bits or below. Because of this, some of our [...]