Smartphone Transcription App

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  • Record and transcribe meetings, conferences, interviews & speeches, on the go.
  • Maximum privacy & confidentiality.
  • Secure and free cloud storage for your audio recordings.
  • Low cost transcription $1.50-$2/min. Fast turnaround time (in 2-3 business days), and 98-100% Accuracy.

App Walkthrough


Audio Recording Screen

The new, simple interface allows you to record your audio and automatically upload it to the cloud, via Wi-Fi or 3G, so you spend less time waiting for uploads. From here, you can also log in to access all your past files via the gear icon above.


Transcript Library Screen

The new library space enables you to manage and sort all your audio recordings and transcripts. It quickly displays the file’s status- whether it has been uploaded, transcribed, or in progress.


Transcript Review and Audio Playback

View and edit transcripts from within the app. Users will be able to make any necessary adjustments on the go. Share finished transcripts, as they are made available at your fingertips.

What’s New In Version 2.0

  • Multi file uploads & live status updates – Your audio uploads as you record to limit processing time and ensure audio is safely stored in the cloud
  • Upload your files via Wi-Fi or 4G and 3G Cellular data
  • Basic & Premium Transcript Orders – Gives users more choices in customization of their transcripts depending on personal preference
  • Cleaner, more intuitive interface
  • Integrated credit card processing in-app

Plus Our Standard Features

  • Simple 3 step process – Record, Pay, and Transcribe
  • Premium Accuracy – A combination of voice recognition software and real professional human transcribers deliver transcripts with 98-100% accuracy
  • Store and manage all audio recordings and transcripts from TranscribeMe’s Cloud
  • Email push notification updates on finished transcripts

The Buzz About TranscribeMe


Shane Melaugh, Internet Marketer

Previously, I had to spend quite a lot of time “cleaning up” transcriptions. TranscribeMe were very good about cleaning up the hums and haws and producing a transcript that reads well.


Nathan Gold, The DEMO Coach

Thank you for such a needed and wonderful service. I recommend this service to everyone who needs to get transcription services done fast and with superb quality. My dealings with their support team were outstanding.