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You can record using the TranscribeMe Smartphone App (Download Free) or with your own Digital Recorder, and securely upload to the TranscribeMe Portal. We accept audio and video in virtually any format!



Using a hybrid model of speech recognition technology with real professional transcribers, your audio is converted to text with superior accuracy and confidentiality.

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Your transcript will be 98%+ accurate, with timestamps and speakers listed. The transcribed text is sent to you via email, and also accessible securely in the TranscribeMe Portal.

We Make a Difference in Many Professionals' Lives

Market Research

Edit and share accurate transcriptions with your clients, with a best-in-class transcription partner.

IVR Transcriptions

Interactive Voice Response

Save time and money by integrating our highly accurate IVR transcription service via API.

SRT transcription and closed captions

SRT and Closed Captions

Accurate and scalable video captioning - word-for-word perfect and time synchronized.


Professors: Publish faster. Capture and share inspiration, ideas and thoughts.


Increased writer efficiency, publish faster.

Business Professionals

Record & transcribe multi-speaker meetings, questions and technical details on-the-go with our mobile app.

  • Previously, I had to spend quite a lot of time “cleaning up” transcriptions. TranscribeMe was very good about cleaning up the hums and haws and producing a transcript that reads well.

    Shane Melaugh, Podcaster

  • TranscribeMe is an ideal transcription partner. Their combination of speed, accuracy and price is unbeatable. We were thrilled to find a way to share, analyze and monetize event content immediately.

    Mark Evans, Conference Organizer, SocialLoco

  • We used TranscribeMe for group and interview transcripts, and the quality has been great. Turnaround speed is fast and the process to upload files very simple. Very responsive.

    Bart Langton, Research Director, Ipsos New Zealand

  • Holy transcription Batman! This is incredible and amazingly fast. I recommend TranscribeMe to everyone who needs to get transcription services done fast and with superb quality.

    Nathan Gold, Professional Speaker

  • The TranscribeMe smartphone app is an entrepreneurial must-have! Simple to use, turnaround time is unreal and it delivers damn near perfect accuracy. TranscribeMe solves a huge pain point for busy business professionals.

    Christopher Boys, Business Professional

  • I spend way too much time transcribing interviews when I should be writing reports instead. With TranscribeMe, I can now write in peace and leave the dirty work to someone else.

    Shihan Fang, Editor, Asia360 News

Case Study

Conferences Maximize Content Value with Transcription Services

See how SociaLoco increased attendee engagement by partnering with TranscribeMe for their social technology conference in San Francisco.


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